Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Ideal Bike Trailers-Carriers

If you love riding, you will certainly want to take it with you to every place, such as to the beach, parks and the mountains. Instead of trying to fit your family and your bikes both inside your vehicle, you can easily transport them from one place to other using a bike carrier. This way you will be travel more comfortably and you will also avoid damage. Because placing your bike in the car carelessly will easily damage it. So, investing in bike carrier will not only protect your investment but it will also make it easy to travel.

People invest in carriers for number of reasons. Bike roof carrier can add extra height to your vehicle, so more amount of fuel is consumed due to the extra drag and weight. However, tow bar carriers do not increase the wind resistance. Therefore less amount of fuel is consumed. Damage to the bikes is also avoided as they are protected by the body of car. Tow bar carriers will make it much easier to load the bikes on your vehicle and it will also save you from the struggle of loading or getting off the bikes from roof carriers.

Tire Rack

You can install this carrier separately to body of your vehicle. So, you can get in or out through the back of your vehicle. Some carriers are fitted to the spare tire at back of the vehicles. So, you should be careful. If you carry more bikes over rough path then the rear door of the vehicle can be damaged due to the weight of the bikes. A hitch mount usually solve this problem, so you don't have worry about it. This carrier can be locked to car without any difficulty and also the bikes to it.

If you are a professional cyclist then may be you already know about the benefits of having a bike carrier. With the help of a tow bar bike carrier you can easily load multiple bikes on your vehicle. So, if something goes wrong with the bike you are riding during a race or competition, you can use easily get the other bike and the carrier will also allow you to unload your bikes easily and without putting much effort. Thus, both effort and time is saved.

The Ideal Bike Trailers-Carriers

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

I am going to share some tips (based on my research) on how to reduce the petrol bill, even before you fill your tank. These tips are specifically about car usage...

Tires: Pump up your tires regularly. The tires should neither be under-inflated or over-inflated. Your car manual will tell you what pressure your tires should be at - Check regularly and make sure you stick to it. The tires lose around one psi pressure per month and a tire deflated by two psi will lead to one percent increase in fuel consumption.

Tire Rack

Type Of Petrol: Only high performance cars require the higher grade petrol...If your car does not require high grade petrol then that petrol will usually not make any difference to the performance of the car. So check the car manual or with the manufacturer and use only the right petrol.

Service: Service your car regularly - This will identify any problems and fixing the problems will increase your fuel economy. Not all problems with a car will be obvious - servicing the cars will uncover them.

Idle Engine: Idling for more than a minute consumes much more fuel than restarting an engine. So when you are stationary or held up for long periods of time then switch off your engine.
Strong Acceleration: Drive smoothly and at a moderate speed - don't travel at high speeds. If you need to accelerate then accelerate gradually. When the accelerator is depressed, the engine goes into a "fuel-enrichment" mode. Any speed higher than 90 kmph can waste fuel...On highways, using cruise control can reduce fuel consumption.

Travel Light: Don't dump your car with things you don't need for your travel. On average, every 50kg added load in your car will increase fuel consumption by two per cent.
Right Time: If possible avoid peak times. Constant braking and constant acceleration can increase your fuel consumption.

Accessories Of A Car: Roof racks or additional parts on the exterior of a car can increase aerodynamic drag - which increases fuel consumption. Apparently even leaving the windows open can increase aerodynamic drag...(aerodynamic drag was quite complex for me to understand but after reading a few pages this is my conclusion about what it is - it is simply 'resistance to motion'.)

Air Conditioning: Use air con sparingly...If you are on highways using air con is better than leaving the windows open.

Manual Car: Make sure you are using the right gear...

Short Trips: Well I guess this is common sense - Use your feet for short trips and this will not only reduce your waist line but will also save you money.

Almost There: Don't wait till your tank is all empty - If you do this then you have to drive to the nearest petrol station and you might not be able to use your petrol vouchers at the nearest station ....Nor will you be able to compare prices.

Ways to Increase Gas Mileage

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is the Hitch Mount Bike Rack Right For My Car?

There seems to be a trend to get a hitch mount bike rack as against the trunk mount or roof top bike rack these days. But, this doesn't mean that this bicycle carrier is the right one for you or your car. Fitting this bike rack to some vehicles is like trying to mix oil and water. The two just do not go together. This article will be broken down into the types of cars that people have and how they will be suited to this kind of carrier.

Smaller Cars

Tire Rack

You have to think about how many bikes you want to carry. Carrying four or five bikes on a hitch receiver on a small car, is going to add a heck of a lot of weight to the back of the car. You might find yourself running out of steam on the up hills. I have seen some really fancy looking sports cars with a platform style hitch mount, and it didn't look too bulky or weird. Certainly beats putting the bike inside the car.

SUV's and Larger Vehicles

These vehicles are a lot heavier and designed to carry heavier loads. If you want to carry five bikes, and are traveling over some rough terrain, then make sure you put some extra padding between the rack and your car. Also if you really need to have regular access to the back this is where you may have to pay extra for a bicycle carrier that swings away from the car, allowing you access. But, be careful with these models. Some swing away and some can be lowered. If you are trying to lower the rack with all the bikes still loaded, it just won't happen! So if you are the type of person who wants to keep the rack on without always carrying bikes, then the lowering option is fine, but if you want to get into and out of the back, while you have five bikes loaded up, then I would go for the swing away.

Vehicles With a Spare Tire

Now if you have a spare tire to deal with, the hitch mount bike rack is still a great option and better than just mounting your bikes to the tire itself. But if you wanting to get into the back of your car, make sure you get this rack only if you have a hatch style rear door. Some models fit a side hinged rear door, but if you are going to try to open it while the rack is attached, then don't even try. It is just not an option.

Benefits of a Hitch Mount Bike Rack
It's secure. You can easily lock your bikes onto the rack and not have to worry about someone stealing your bike or your rack (along with the bikes!) It's stable. Extra straps come with the steel arms which let you tie the bikes down and back onto the car. It's sturdy. No rattling or shaking and great if you are driving on rougher terrain.

Is the Hitch Mount Bike Rack Right For My Car?

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Look at Truck Tire Chains

Truck tire chains can be purchased for everything from a pickup truck to an 18-wheeler. Drivers can find a chain to fit just about any need, spanning every size and style, and desired performance.

Single highway truck chains are recommended for highway use on trucks, buses, and RVs. For trucks that see more off road action than highway time, single V-Bar reinforced traction chains are recommended. This type of chain is available for light trucks, heavy trucks, busses, and RVs.

Tire Rack

Of course, studded truck tire chains are always a good choice for off-roading. Drivers should first make sure that studs are legal in their state. If they are, studded cross chains provide one of the best options for off-road traction. Single studded truck tire chains can be purchased in 6, 7, or 8 mm. Dual triple studded tire chains are also available in 6, 7, or 8 mm.

For dual tires that are more accustomed to highway driving, dual triple truck, bus, and RV chains are recommended. The V-Bar is also available for dual tires. For vehicles with minimal clearance between dual wheels, dual mount chains are built without a center chain.

Finally, wide base chains are available for vehicles that have minimal clearance between wide base tires. Whether driving a light truck, heavy duty truck, bus, or RV, truck tire chains are available for every condition.

A Look at Truck Tire Chains

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Discount Tires Direct

Let's face it people, the world is changing. Whether it's the increasing price of fuel, the improved performance of cars, or the increasing number of online stores offering discount tires direct to the US public.

Recent reports suggest competition amongst tire sellers has intensified, with the new wave of online tire stores gaining ground over the independent dealers (the traditional market leaders).

Tire Rack

This intense competition is mainly due to the decreasing market, as demand for tires falls. The Rubber Manufacturers Association states that:

"...The passenger replacement market will decrease by approximately 3.2 percent in 2006 to nearly 196 million units..."

This decline could be due to modern tires being durable and lasting longer than they used to. People are also driving less as a result of increasing gasoline costs.

Despite the new competition of selling discount tires direct, The independent tire dealers still dominate the market, accounting for 69 percent of the replacement passenger market. But mass merchandisers have captured 17 percent of the market and manufacturer outlets claim 10 percent. Online tire sales make up about 4 percent.

"The challenge is that competition from the Internet and national retailers has increased. Tires are getting more expensive. Even though they're lasting longer and the number of units aren't climbing as fast as dollar sales, everyone wants a share of that," said Skip Potter, executive director of the Chesapeake Automotive Business Association, which represents locally owned tire service centers in Maryland, the District and Delaware.

I believe a shift in the market is happening as we speak. Discount tire centers make it cheaper, easier, and more convenient to buy tires than traditional independent stores. Growth of discount tire stores are strong. Nowadays there's no reason why we shouldn't buy tires direct.

Discount Tires Direct

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Marketing ideas to earn garages Loyal customers

In times of financial difficulty, it will be for small businesses hard as your garage. It is necessary to maintain a steady stream of customers your company to have in life. But the search for new customers these days would be difficult. However, if you have already established your credibility with customers, there is nothing to fear. Provide customers with quality service and excellent products is a solid foundation and a good enough reason for people to come backto you.

You need to make the most loyal customers in new customers, though. Here are some tactics to sustain a good relationship with them and keep them loyal to your company:

Tire Rack

Tips for retaining customers loyal to your company

or know your customer. Create and maintain a list of your customers by their names, addresses and birthdays (if possible). In this way, it would be easy to communicate with them. Send messages of their products and service auto repairBe offered, new arrival of the car it replaces and also shares special greetings to their day. This will make your customers feel special and that are important to you. Sending greeting cards is also great on their birthdays.

Enter or promotional gifts and discounts. Send your clients auto repair all the elements that will make them happy. Send the car key remote control, dashboard organizer, car accessories or small stuffed animals that your customers and can display in their vehicles.These things are parking your name, address and phone numbers. The more you see your customers and with these things with your company name on them, any more than you think. If you do not want these gifts directly to your customers, you can print advertisements with coupons that can be used for implementation. You can place them in cards, brochures and rack cards to be sent with the tear.

o Be attentive to the needs of customers. As far as possible,note of the vehicles, which is owned by customers. With this you can give them any new products or services that will be great for their journeys. For example, if a customer has an off-road truck that usually leaves the country roads and back, you can create a robust bumper cover and splash board. You can also tell if they have paid for the work of wheel alignment or under the inspection of the frame. Send postcards, flyers and brochures are ways to convey these messages. Your customers will feel recognized andthat you care for themselves and their vehicles.

o Keep the customers happy. Show your customers that you care for them and their vehicles as they are your true friends. It also teaches them things you should know about car maintenance and repair. Let them know that there will always be striving hard to meet their needs and demands on their vehicles. These things are all happy customers about your company, and then make you faithful.

If yousuccess in one of the suggestions above, you do not even need to find new customers. People will come to you, take place. This is the best thing to have a base of business that the quality of services and speaks excellent customer service. Your company will be in demand, thanks to word-of-mouth marketing.

Marketing ideas to earn garages Loyal customers

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Biosphere Technology

Environmental technology (envirotech) or green technology (greentech) or clean technology (cleantech) is the utilization of the environmental science to preserve our natural environment and resources, and to reduce the negative effects of human activity. Environmental technology is centered on sustainable development.

Gasification is one example of green technology. It involves a combination of techniques aimed at pulling out energy from various types of organic matter. Gasification is a process that breaks down carbonaceous materials like coal, petroleum, biofuel, or biomass, and turns them into carbon monoxide and hydrogen by using extremely high temperatures and controlled amounts of oxygen and/or steam to make raw material, for instance house waste, or compost. The gas mixture produced through gasification is called synthesis gas. Syngas in itself is a form of fuel. It is composed mainly of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide and has less than half the energy density of natural gas.

Tire Rack

The latest form of gasification is the revolutionary Biosphere Technology which was created and developed by the renowned author of various original contributions in scientific literature, Dr. Chris McCormack. Dr. McCormack also serves as the Chairman and CEO of Global Environmental Energy Corporation (GEECF). Biosphere Technology siphons the combustibility of solid wastes and transforms it into a fuel that generates steam of extreme heat which in turn produces green electricity. What makes the Biosphere process unique is the fact that it is performed in a controlled environment of limited oxygen to limit most of the resulting atmospheric emissions. The biosphere chamber is where the biosphere process begins. It is where the solid wastes are placed and subjected to thermal transformation to convert them into syngas. The syngas is then transferred into a combined cycle gas/steam turbine from which electricity is generated.

"Biosphere MK-V" is the materialization of the BioSphere process as a means of generating green energy while at the same time putting into effect the clean disposal of energy wastes.

The By-Products of Biosphere Technology

1. Pozzolanic Ash

Pozzolanic Ash is very rust resistant which makes it the chief component of rustproof materials built for underwater use. The high alkalinity of pozzolana also makes it especially resistant to usual types of sulfate corrosion. Fully hardened Pozzolanic Ash is also highly resistant to water absorption and spalling.

2. High Alloy Steel Wire

HASW is an alloy wire that "remembers" its original, cold-forged shape: returning the pre-deformed shape by heating. This material is a lightweight, solid-state alternative to conventional actuators such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and motor-based systems. Shape memory alloys have applications in industries including medical and aerospace.

3. Carbon Black

The most frequent utilization of carbon black is as a tincture and reinforcing phase in automobile tires. Carbon black is also very helpful in absorbing heat away from the tread and belt area of the tire, resulting to reduced thermal damage and increased tire life. Carbon black particles are also being used as components in several radar absorbent materials and in photocopier and laser printer toner.

4. Electricity

Electricity is an extremely flexible form of energy, and has been adapted to a huge, and growing, number of uses. Although electrification brought with it its own dangers, replacing the naked flames of gas lighting greatly reduced fire hazards within homes and factories. Public utilities were set up in many cities targeting the burgeoning market for electrical lighting.

Biosphere Technology

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